Ganoderma GOLD™ Reishi Skin Serum contains MG-LZ8, which is a dual extract. This product is South Africa’s premium Reishi DOUBLE EXTRACT and is the cornerstone of our range.


Each bottle contains 30ml of serum and the extract is vegan, chitin free, organic, not GM and is 100% bio-available.
30ml amber glass bottle with white spring action pump and clear cap.
Apply to washed hands. Use 1-2 squirts in the palm of your hands and applied directly on the affected area. This product has the ability to draw MG-LZ8 through the skin to deliver the healing qualities of Reishi directly into the cell.

MG-LZ8 dual extract
DMSO (used to transport nutrients through the skin)
Guar gum (also called guaran)
5% alcohol (used to dissolve the extract)


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