We are also proud AGENTS of the GanodermaGOLD™(MG-LZ8) products in the OVERBERG

The Glucans and Polysaccharides found in certain fungi are incredibly efficient in improving immune function in a very short time
MG-LZ8 is South Africa’s premium Reishi dual-extract that has been pre-clinically trialed, and proven to improve immune function by 43% within 48 hours.
Give your body the best defence against ANY viral infection, by assisting your immune system with MG-LZ8.
This powerful extract is completely natural and non-toxic, which means that is safe to use for all ages.

People that use GanodemaGOLD dual-extract Reishi report that they use it for: ​
*​ Immune modulation * improving cognitive function​ * improving gut health
* kidney and liver support * bacterial infections * stabilising blood sugar
* ​Viral protection * heart support * naturally thinning the blood * regulating blood pressure * reducing cholesterol * reducing inflammation
* reducing daily stressors * respiratory problems * ​insomnia
* allergy relief * anti-aging * reducing candida
* hormone production * stem cell reproduction * tumour reduction

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