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GanodermaGOLD™ Reishi PET 15ml drops contains MG-LZ8 dual extract, which is a dual extract. This product is South Africa’s premium Reishi DOUBLE EXTRACT

Each bottle contains 15ml of alcohol-free tincture and the extract is vegan, chitin-free, organic, not GM and is 100% bio-available.
15ml glass amber bottle with white dropper and white plastic tamper-proof seal.
Used for immune function and is pre-clinically trialed to improve immune function by 43% in 48 hours. Reishi is an anti-cancer treatment that has been used in Eastern medicine for 1000’s of years.

Use as directed:
1-10kg pet-> use 1-2 drops per day
11-26kg pet-> use 2-4 drops per day
27-446kg pet-> use 4-6 drops per day


1.2grams MG-LZ8 dual extract
Distilled water
Fulvic acid


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