Nutritional Values

Protein & FibreContains Natural Lovastatin
Iron, Zinc & PotassiumCalories
Phosphorus & SeleniumFat Free
CalciumCholesterol Free
Folic AcidGluten Free
Vitamins B1,B3,B5 & B12Low in Sodium
Vitamin C & D

Mushrooms grow in the dark
Mushrooms need light for pigment change. When the mushroom is growing in the dark, it will stay white or very pale in colour

Mushrooms breathe carbon dioxide
Mycelium breathes Oxygen as it grows and searches for food. Unlike plants, which breathe Carbon dioxide, fungi take in Oxygen and produce high volumes of Carbon dioxide.

A mushroom has roots
Mushrooms don’t have roots at all. In fact, the “roots” are the actual organism of the fungus, which is called mycelium