About Us

We are Pieter and Theresa, a passionate husband and wife team, who embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial journey. We share a deep love for nature and sustainable living, which led us to start our own Oyster Mushroom Growing Business called “Carpe Diem Mushrooms.” with the slogan “Where passion meets delicious.” This Latin phrase, meaning “seize the day,” perfectly encapsulated our approach to life and business.
Together we had a vision to share our love for mushrooms with others and make a positive impact on our community. We knew that oyster mushrooms were not only delicious but also highly nutritious, healthy and environmentally friendly to grow. With these beliefs in mind, we set out on their entrepreneurial journey.
As we began harvesting our first batch of oyster mushrooms, we realized that we were onto something truly special, and soon we started manufacturing products to showcase oyster mushrooms.
Emphasizing the importance of education, we began offering mushroom growing courses to individuals interested in learning the art of cultivating mushrooms at home. These courses became a hit in our community, attracting both hobbyists and aspiring commercial growers. Through our teachings, we empowered people to connect with nature, develop sustainable practices, and discover the joy of growing their food.
Recognizing the importance of online presence in the digital age, we also established an online store. Through our website, customers could conveniently order our range of delectable treats and have it delivered to their doorstep. The online store also allowed us to ship our products to customers outside our local area, expanding our market nationwide.
Carpe Diem Mushrooms became a symbol of quality, sustainability and passion in the mushroom industry. Our dedication to our craft, our commitment to educating others, and our love for mushrooms fuelled our success.
Throughout our journey, we faced many challenges, like any business does, but we always approached those obstacles with the same mindset as our slogan: to seize the day and turn challenges into opportunities. Our story became an inspiration for others who dreamed of turning their passion into a thriving business.
Theresa and I, the dynamic husband-and-wife team behind Carpe Diem Mushrooms, became an inspiring tale of turning a simple idea into a flourishing business – “where passion truly met delicious.”