Dehydrated fresh oyster mushroom powder, cardamom and organic sugar brewed with milk of your choice, …..or add to a 2 cup plunger with your morning brew. PRICE PER SACHET


1 review for Oyster Mushroom Nite-Cap/Sachet

  1. Meghan

    After buying a mushroom kit from Carpe Diem and having the experience of watching them grow until preparing them for our meals, I became curious on what else one can do with the humble mushroom. So when I saw this night time drink, I got really excited and bought a pack of 10 immediately and am so happy that I did! This drink does not taste like mushrooms as one would think. Instead as you add the contents to whichever milk you choose to use, you are hit with a comforting smell of cardamom. This drink is warm, filling and comforting with an aroma of cardamom and a lovely sweet nutty flavour from the mushrooms and the country jaggery. I will definitely keep this in my pantry.

    • admin

      Megan, many thanks for your great feedback on our products.

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